pure Dutch!? | language is a beautiful continuum | geschiedenis van het Nederlands | a history in brief by @fonolog #verengelsing #taalfilmpje

Back to the past … till the germanic tribes … over Hebban olla uogala   … over  … … Listen! It’s a fantastic history of Dutch by an enthusiatic speaker!

The Low Countries are a delta. Dutch is a delta, a place where many things have come together. Prof. dr. Marc van Oostendorp (@fonolog), dé Nederlandse taalkundige van wereldfaam, stelde in de wereldtaal dé prangende vraag: When did we stop speaking Dutch? – Some people think the history of Dutch is coming to an end pretty soon, because Dutch is going to be flooded by English. There is no purity of language. Language is not a countable thing, it’s a great continuum, which can teach us about a country’s history, the history of humanity …

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