lezen is topografisch – scherm vs. papier voor tekstbegrip en leren

Uit ons voorleesboek zomer 2017.

Volgt een citaat uit een must-read op 3-Star Learning Experiences van Paul A. Kirschner en Mirjam Neelen: Paper or Screen for Comprehension and Learning?

In a really interesting interview in ScienceNordic, Mangen says that an obvious difference between computer screens and paper is that paper is actual material. You can feel the weight, texture and thickness of a pamphlet or a book. You can see where it begins, where it ends and where you are in between the two.

You can quickly leaf through the pages of a printed text with your fingers. This perceptible, direct experience gives you a mental map of the entire text. For electronic texts, this physical experience is nearly absent; there you only see one or two pages at a time. The brain has an easier task when you can touch as well as see (and NO! We’re not talking kinaesthetic versus visual learning here! Just to make that clear!). Previous research has demonstrated that such a ‘mental map’ is particularly important if the text is long. Lengthy texts call for quicker navigation. You need to be able to leaf back and forth through different parts of the text to see, review and comprehend relationships and contexts.

This is corroborated by a study (Jabr, 2013; also discussed on fastcompany.com) which found that “reading is topographic. As you read something, you structure out its content in your mind … just as you mentally map a trail as you ascend a mountain, your brain plots the line-by-line journey your eyes walk through a book.” As Jabr notes, you have physical markers like left page facing the right page (recto/verso), the hanging corners, and the shifting of the weight in your hands as you advance from cover to cover. This gives you a sense of narrative context: holding a book, it’s obvious where the individual page relates to the whole of the text, which makes it easier to create that mental map of the text’s meaning. There is a connection between mind and body.

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