Good read: Poverty’s Role in Intellectual Development

From experience to meaning...

We’ve known for quite a while that there is probably interaction between nature & nurture when it comes to intelligence (check e.g. the Flynn-effect, the influence of scarcity,…). This article on Citylab discusses a new study that confirms an insight from an earlier study that there is a difference between the influence of nature and environment depending on the socio-economic background. But there is an unexpected twist… it’s only found in the US:

But a strong new analysis published in the journalPsychological Science suggests that the role of genetics in intelligence indeed varies with socioeconomic status—at least in the United States. The data reveal no such pattern in other parts of the developed world, a finding the researchers attribute to “more uniform access” to social programs such as strong education and health care.

“The differences observed across nations might be explained by weaker social safety nets in…

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