Image of the Week: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

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N0037151 Raynaud's Phenomenon

Handily (do you see what we did there?) this week’s image, ‘Raynaud’s Phenomenon’, coincides with Raynaud’s awareness month 2015. The image is a thermogram- or thermal image – and shows the hand of a person experiencing symptoms of Raynaud’s next to one from a person who is unaffected.

Do you have any idea which is which?

Raynaud’s phenomenon (also referred to as Raynaud’s syndrome or Raynaud’s disease) affects the bodily extremities, most commonly the hands and feet. On exposure to cold or stress, the blood vessels at the extremities constrict, restricting the flow of blood, this is called vasoconstriction. When this happens in the hand, fingers will often be seen to change colour, becoming very pale as less blood reaches the surface of the skin. The reduction of warm blood flowing through these areas results in less radiation of heat from the affected area – as seen in…

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