woordenboek Shakespeare – literaire vondst van de eeuw (?) online – iedereen onderzoeker

Shakespeare's dictionary14

If it’s real, it’s the literary find of the century. New York antiquarian booksellers Daniel Wechsler and George Koppelman believe they have found William Shakespeare’s annotated dictionary.

We know that Shakespeare had an eye out for unusual words – but we have only limited knowledge of where he went to find them. 

The book itself is John Baret’s An Alvearie or Quadruple Dictionarie, published in 1580. It was listed on eBay in late April 2008. They placed a bid of $US4300 and got it for $US4050. Wechsler is unequivocal, “only $250 separated us from never having had this experience.”

Read more: Booksellers claim to have found Shakespeare’s annotated dictionary.

Is dit nu echt Shakespeares woordenbron? Tijd om het uit te zoeken? John Baret’s Alvearie (1580) is online op Shakespeare’s Beehive. Je zou die bijenkorf een toegankelijke schatkamer kunnen noemen, nie. One of our goals was to present our argument in measured and non-polemical ways, so that scholars and laypeople alike could extract from our study whatever linguistic elements they wished to focus on, should the strain of considering the authorship of the annotations be a distraction.

Bron afbeelding boven: The Sydney Morning Herald, Samples from the dictionary. Photo: shakespearesbeehive.com.

Dit woordenboeknieuws over Shakespeare heb ik te danken aan Laurens Jz. Coster, dagnieuws 23-04-2014.

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