schrijver, ken je waarheid, break the rules! – over de betekenis van stilistische vernieuwing #leesplezier


The joy of literary destruction: Writers who broke all the rules – excerpted from

whyIread14Wendy Lesser, Why I Read: The Serious Pleasure of Books, New York, 2014.

This is the paradox that lies behind formal inventiveness: you can only achieve an exemplary kind of novelty if it is not, primarily, what you are trying to achieve. As an end in itself, stylistic innovation is merely a way of showing off, a useless if mildly entertaining trapeze act; only when harnessed to the author’s fervent truth-telling does it become significant.

To tell the truth in literature, each era, perhaps even each new writer, requires a new set of authorial skills with which to rivet the reader’s attention. We are so good at lying to ourselves, at lapsing into passive acceptance, that mere transparency of meaning is insufficient. To absorb new and difficult truths, we need the jolt offered by a fresh style. Yet what is startling at first eventually hardens into either a mannerism or a tradition. Even Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” if read too early and too often (in a classroom setting, say), can come to seem a mere example of Satire. So every writer—every good writer, every writer who really has something to say—must figure out for herself a new form in which to say it. The figuring need not be conscious, and the innovation need not be dramatic or obvious; we can be affected by style without necessarily perceiving the sources of the effects. But if we do perceive them, they cannot detract from our sense of the writer’s seriousness (a seriousness that, in the case of an innovator like Mark Twain, may partake of a great deal of humor). The structural and stylistic eccentricities must seem—and be— essential, not merely ornamental.


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2 reacties op schrijver, ken je waarheid, break the rules! – over de betekenis van stilistische vernieuwing #leesplezier

  1. Blauwkruikje zegt:

    Interessante lectuur. Karl Ove Knausgård laat zijn ik-verteller in deel 2 van “Vader” stellen dat in een goede roman alles – stijl, intrige, thematiek – ondergeschikt moet zijn aan de vorm. Schrijven is het beteugelen van thematiek en stijl. Bij schrijven gaat het meer om vernietigen dan om scheppen. Hij past in het plaatje.

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