Armistice Day – Robert Graves


Remenbrance Day (2)

ARMISTICE DAY, 1918 by ROBERT GRAVES What's all this hubbub and yelling, Commotion and scamper of feet, With ear-splitting clatter of kettles and cans, Wild laughter down Mafeking Street? O, those are the kids whom we fought for (You might think they'd been scoffing our rum) With flags that they waved when we marched off to war In the rapture of bugle and drum. Now they'll hang Kaiser Bill from a lamp-post, Von Tirpitz they'll hang from a tree.... We've been promised a 'Land Fit for Heroes'--- What heroes we heroes must be! And the guns that we took from the Fritzes, That we paid for with rivers of blood, Look, they're hauling them down to Old Battersea Bridge Where they'll topple them, souse, in the mud! But there's old men and women in corners With tears falling fast on their cheeks, There's the armless and legless and sightless--- It's…

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