Research: Fun activities can improve language learning

From experience to meaning...

A new study by researchers from The University of Nottingham shows that playing simple games using words and pictures can help people to learn a new language with greater ease.

From the press release:

PhD student Marie-Josée Bisson of the University’s School of Psychology, who led the study along with Drs Walter van Heuven, Kathy Conklin and Richard Tunney, said: “The results of this study have implications not only for language learning and teaching, but also for anyone interested in improving their knowledge of a foreign language.

“They show that informal exposure can play an important role in foreign language word learning. Through informal exposure, learning can occur without intention, in a more effortless manner. Anyone attempting to learn another language would benefit from activities such as simple games using foreign language words and pictures, or foreign language films with subtitles where they can enjoy the activity without focusing on…

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  1. janien zegt:

    Altijd al geweten, toch. Zeker al vanaf de jaren 1980 – of misschien al wel eerder. In my humble experience of DaF, Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache, spielerisch angeboten door ex-collega Filip De Nys, een pionier in Vlaanderen voor fun activities in learning German!

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